A championship golf course set in acres of lush natural beauty, an elegant clubhouse and terrace with a majestic view of the 18th hole, scene of memorable finishes to the Foshan Open, friendly smiles and smooth hassle free service wherever you, your family and your guests go. 

The things you appreciate in life are here: Love Life, Love Golf.

Club News


We feel extremely fortunate to not only have a great championship course but also one that weaves its way through such a magnificent expanse of rolling terrain, natural woodlands, wild grasses and ponds. Its been ranked among the top 10 courses in China and is recognized by the European Challenge Tour as one of its finest venues. Its a wonderful secluded sanctuary for our members and their guests who can take the time to enjoy their golf and the beauty of the course unencumbered by daily streams of visitors.
If you appreciate beautiful natural surroundings, an international outlook, family friendly atmosphere, great service, a wonderful private place to relax and socialize in, a place full of friendly smiles and where enjoying life is top priority, then join us now as a member. You will wonder why you did not do it years ago. Contact us now for a visit and a chat. We will be happy to show you and your family around.
Located in the core commercial area of Foshan, Guangzhou, Canton First Estate combines residences, serviced apartments, a golf course, as well as recreation centre and exhibition hall. Blessed with 1,100 acres of verdant green expanse plus 700 acres of natural forest, a natural lake spanning nearly 500 acres and a 20-mile green path surrounding it, Canton First Estate is a superb international ecological community.
Soul of the City
The clubs mission is to help enhance the quality of life of our local community.
Job Opportunities
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